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History of ABC-Coron GmbH


Founded in 1996 under the name of Arcoron, we are developing and producing frequenzy converters and power electronics with a focus on surface pre-treatment.

The following chronic should give you a short inside into our company and show why we are your strong partner for plasma- and corona generators.

1996 - The foundation
Degreed engineer Martin Willimzik founds the company Arcoron GmbH together with a partner from the surface technology as a small business.

1997 - The relocation to Marschacht
The use of high-frequenzy generators for inductive heating is successful. The Arcoron GmbH moves into its new accomodation with over 310m2.
1999 - The enlargement of the place of production
Arcoron GmbH establishes itself on the market. New orders require the enlargement of the facilities for another 320m2 up to 630m2. In the newly set-up electronic- and research laboratory a Microprozessorsteuerung with its own software is developed. The serial production gets enlarged.
2000 - Atmosphere Plasma
In 2000 a generator for atmosphere plasma is developed. At the same time Arcoron introduces, as the first company, the open frame generator to the market and discovers that it gets a god response, even from business competitors.
2001 - Introduction of the Profibus
In this year the Profibus is integrated into most of the Arcoron generators. The microprocessor control unit from 1999 is now based on a highly compatible standard and enables a perfect integration into the existing systems.
2002 - New Challenges
On a customers wish a high frequency generator for the use of mercury vapour lamps in the range of UV drying is developed. The development of high performance generators up to 40 KW is now possible.
2005 - Air Cleaning
In this year an interesting project starts with the aim of ionising gaseous mediums. Now the generators are also used in air cleaning.
2007 - Expertise grows together
In cooperation with the Frauenhofer Institut a complete atmosphere plasma system is developed and a patent is applied.
2009 - the reorganisation to ABC-Coron
Arcoron GmbH becomes self-contained. Now the ABC- Coron is there for you independent from others.
2010 - Future Orientated Research
The enhancement of the plasma jet with the aim of scalability is advanced. Parallel to this the plasma multi channel systems are further developed and optimised.